Just came back from 3 weeks Krugerpark - South Africa. Such a good place for Wildlife Photography. 
I received the Sony FE 20mm f/1.8G.I will be testing this lens for nightscape photography the coming months

For many years I have been using a Canon twin-flash (Mt24EX) for macro and other rainforest photography. After my switch to Sony I had to look for another macro flash. As Sony does not have a twin flash in their program, I had to find an other brand. After a long search I decided to buy this Meike MK-MT24. As you can see, Meike copied the name of the Canon flash and the flash looks a lot like the Nikon Flash R1C1. The most annoying thing about the Nikon R1C1 is the use of batteries that are not common at all (CR123A) in the World. Meike has AA in the control unit and AAA in the flashes. Much better! The advantage from the Nikon R1C1 over the Canon is that the flashes are not physical connected to the main unit, so you can place them behind your subject, per example. The Meike has this as well, so that's nice too. Another nice aspect about the Meike is the price. The Meike MK-MT24 is half the price of the Nikon and one third of the price of the Canon. I have to take it in the field to make a good review that I will post on my website.
I was wondering how to make shots like this one with my Sony A9 and its EVF in a dark rainforest at night with a macro flash and a torch for acquiring focus. As the EVF shows realtime exposure, the screen would be completely black. The answer is fortunately very easy :-)
Go the 'menu'  and look for 'Live View Display' and turn 'Settings Effect' off.
If you are in these situations a lot, I would recommend to store these setting in one of the three 'Memory Recall' settings on the 'Shoot Mode Dial'.

I have reached the finals in the BigPicture contest (02-04-2020)
I sold my Canon equipment and stepped over to Sony. My first impressions of the A9 are extremely positive. What a AF!  The eye focus blows you away big time!!!  In a while I will post some reviews about the lenses and bodies I 've got.
I have reached the finals @ Nature TTL contest (3-1-2020)
After more then 30 years working with Canon, I am considering to leave them and continue with Sony. 

In 2020 heb ik de eer om reizen te begeleiden voor BirdingBreaks
De eerste reis dit jaar voor BirdingBreaks gaat naar het prachtige vogeleiland Lesbos. Meer info hier over vindt je hier
De tweede reis dit jaar is die naar de fantastische vogelhutten in Hongarije. Meer info over deze reis vindt je hier
De derde reis dit jaar gaat naar Brazilië. Daar bezoeken we twee fantastische gebieden:  Chapada dos Guimares en de Pantanal! Deze twee gebieden bieden onwaarschijnlijke biodiversiteit en geweldige fotografie mogelijkheden! Meer info over deze reis vindt je hier

Dubbel spread about me in the "Noord-Hollands Dagblad"
Just came back from this years Africa tour. 5 people joined me on this trip. Everything was lush green and lots of new borns were present.
A nice article about me @ fotografie.nl
Frontpagecover and a 5 page interview with me 
I became Wildlife Photographer of the Year @ the IPA (International Photography Awards)!!!
Was an  honour to give a presentation @ NatureTalks about primates;  Many thanks to the lovely people of deeldenatuur for inviting me!
I 've reached the finals at the National Geographic photo contest! (and @ the ceremony I did not win)
I 've reached the finals at the British Wildlife Photography Awards!
I 've reached to the finals at the Lowland photo contest and won a Honorable Mention
I won a Honorable Mention @ the IPA (International Photo Awards)!
Presentation about wolves and lynxes
My photo of a shooting Caluma brevicornis was  placed in the WNF book
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